1. Responsive, Bootstrap Template  ·  Shelved

  2. Advertising Query

  3. Add an additional Status for Applications to indicate it is waiting a response

  4. Responsive and allerting Chat room  ·  Shelved

  5. Site Admin The Ability to adjust the maximum amount of data(Kb/Mb) uploaded by member(s).  ·  Shelved

  6. Support GTMurmur for Mumble CVP.  ·  Declined

  7. retrieve data from GW2 to create a widget VIA XML. Also Need to create an internal Lottery widget for my guild to use.  ·  Shelved

  8. Please update EQ2 Raid progression widget to incorporate COE raid zones and/or replicate the data from to synch here  ·  Completed

  9. Guild Roster sortability by last logged in date  ·  Planned

  10. Still not working  ·  Completed

  11. Limiting nested quotes  ·  Declined

  12. Add more options for handling of applications  ·  Completed

  13. Add HTML Widget To Header  ·  Declined

  14. Give Everquest 2 guilds a way to import guild information from  ·  Completed

  15. make an addon for uploading raid data (items, epgp, raids, atendance ect)  ·  Completed

  16. Maintenance Widget  ·  Completed

  17. Make uploading folders possible  ·  Declined

  18. Add live scores of WvW matchups in Guild Wars 2  ·  Shelved

  19. Is there a way to make an addon that would export raid attendance directly to rapid raid from game group window  ·  Declined

  20. Add import member roster to SWTOR, otherwise its only worth the free site not worth paying for if it cannot be imported.  ·  Declined

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