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This is the place to request new raids to be added to the Raid Progression widget! If you would like a non-raid feature to be added, please post it in the Feature Requests area; if you would like a new game altogether added, please post it in the Game Requests area instead.

When posting a Raid request, please include the following information:

  • 1. Game Name
  • 2. Raid Name
  • 3. Boss List
  • 4. Official (or semi-official) link where we can confirm the information
    • This can be a link to patch notes, their wiki or a credible third-party site.

Once we have that, we can add it to the system.

  1. Add Altar of Malice raids EQ2

    Zavith'Loa: The Molten Pools
    1. Teraradus the Gorer
    2. Kerridicus Searskin
    3. The Crumbling Icon
    4. Perador the Mighty
    Castle Highhold: No Quarter
    1. Grevog the Punisher
    2. Zebrun the Torso
    3. Grethah the Frenzied
    Brokenskull Bay: Fury of the Cursed
    1. Morin and Barin
    2. Jessip Daggerheart
    3. Captain Krasnok
    Temple of Ssraeshza: Echoes of Time
    1. The Grimlings
    2. Diabo, Va, and Centi Kela'Set
    3. Farozth Ssravizh
    4. Ka'Rah Ferun
    5. Arch Lich Rhag'Zadune
    Ossuary: Cathedral of Bones
    1. Inquisitor Soronigus
    2. Sacrificer Aevila D'Serin
    3. Virtuoso Edgar V'Zann
    4. Protector of Bones
    5. Primordial Ritualist Villandre…

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    Can you link me to the announcement for these raids? I can get them added.

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