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What do all These Custom Colors Change on my Site?

Here's an image of all 17 colors you can change on your site. Below is a list of what they change and an example image if needed. All sample colors displayed in green.

Page Background- Controls your page background color, if you have a background image set your color selection will not override your image.
Content Underlay- Is over the background color but under the page content.

Content Background- Changes the color of the content background for the Rook template 
Data Header- Changes the Calendar headers color. 

Alternating Row- Changes the non-highlight color of the calendar.

Divider- Changes the divider color of highlighted day of the calendar and divider's on widgets and the forum section.

Nav Wrap- Changes the primary nav bar color of inactive pages. 

Nav Link Text- Changes the color of inactive primary nav bar link text.

Active Nav Color- Changes primary nav bar, active page color. 

Active Nav Text- Chnanges primary nav bar, active page text color

Text- Changes site text color.

Light Text- Used infrequently 
Primary Link- Primary link text color and color under highlighted primary nav link

Hover Link- Changes the color of a link when it's hovered.
Button Color- Changes the color of Buttons. 

Button Text- Changes the text color of buttons

Button Hover- Changes the color of the above buttons when you hover them with the pointer. 

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