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Minecraft Plugin Installation: Short & Long Version

Prerequisites for using Gamer Launch's Minecraft Plugin

You will need a Minecraft control panel that's Bukkit compatible.

The plugins needed to run our GLPlugin:
  • Spigot or Bukkit or a Bukkit compatible server
  • Vault
  • Essentials GroupManager or any (Vault compatible permissions management plugin, we've tested with GroupManager mainly.)  

Short Version

  1. Navigate to your Admin Dashboard-> Minecraft-> Minecraft Servers page.
  2. In the Add Minecraft Server section, enter your Server Name, Server IP and Server Port then click Add

   3. Click the Download Plugin button. You are now downloading our GLPlugin with the appropriate config file.
   4. Extract that Zip file's contents into your plugin directory.

Wow, that was quick!

Long Version

Alright, let's get to it.

1.Go to Gamer Launch and create a Minecraft site. 

2.Once you have created a site navigate to your 
Admin Dashboard-> Minecraft-> Minecraft Servers page.

3.In the Add Minecraft Server section, enter your 
Server Name, Server IP and Server Port then click Add.

  • Once the page reloads, you will see the Current Servers section. 

  • Under your server, look for the Download Plugin button and click it. You are now downloading our GLPlugin with the appropriate config file.  

* These examples below are for windows. Linux will be the exact same folder structure.

5.Navigate to your Minecraft control folder (mine happens to be in McMyAdmin). Once there, go into the Minecraft folder. You should see a plugins folder and a mincraft_server.jar. 

6.Copy the file from wherever you downloaded it to your PC and paste it into the Plugins folder.  

7. Now extract the file into the Plugins folder, you can delete the file afterwards if you like. The unzip should produce a file called glplugin.jar and a folder called GLPlugin with a file called config.yml inside. 

This is what your plugins folder should look like after extraction and moving the glplugin.jar file into the plugins folder. The config.yml file is in the GLplugin folder. (*note windows zip file extraction might create two GLPlugin folders one inside the other with the config.yml file inside the second folder. If this is the case move the config.yml file to the first GLPlugin folder. Otherwise, the plugin will not work.)

8. Make sure your spigot.jar file is in your McMyAdmin, Minecraft folder.


Sweet all the prep's done, you're almost there!

9. Open your McMyadmin control panel in your browser. Click the Server Settings tab. On the fourth option down, “Server Type”, select “Spigot” from the drop down menu.

10. Go to your Plugins tab and click Refresh plugin list. Now in your list you should see:
  • GLPlugin
  • GroupManager
  • Vault
  • Bukkit Compact (this plugin is provided by McMyAdmin)
11. Here comes the moment of truth! Go to the Status section on the left. Click Start Server. 

12. Now that your server has started, navigate to your Console section on the left under Status. You can scroll through the logs and find the line  “GLPlugin: Groups updated successfully!”. This indicates that you have installed the plugin properly. You can also verify this by going back to your Gamer Launch Minecraft site and see the status of your servers has changed to Connected. 

13. The real test is to try and log into your server in-game! Go to the multiplayer section and enter your server's IP and port! (for example:

14. Now go back to your Minecraft GamerLaunch site.

15. Navigate back to the Admin Menu->Minecraft->Minecraft Servers page. Then, under your server, click “Edit Permission Groups”.  If you have set everything up correctly, you should see the GroupManager default groups listed on the right in blue or the list of groups you have created.

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