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New Billing System

Note: This only applies to sites created after February 1st, 2016. 

All newly created sites receive a seven-day free trial.  After the seven-day trial has expired your site will convert to our Ad-Supported Free Plan. You will not lose any information or features on your site, and you do not have to upgrade if you don't want to (although we wouldn't mind if you do). The only difference you will notice is that your site now has three ads being displayed. 

Your site comes with a Crowd Pay widget in the left column (pictured below). This widget displays four important pieces of information about your site.
  1. Whether or not your trial period is active.
  2. Current site plan
  3. Monthly cost of said plan
  4. How many days remain in your current plan

*Since we have changed the plan purchasing structure we will NOT be offering refunds after your trial period has expired. 

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