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Why Can't I Remove My Widgets?

When you are attempting to remove a widget from your site, you should receive a Pop-Up confirming the removal. If you don't receive a Pop-Up, this means they are not enabled in your browser. 

Allow pop-ups from a site in Chrome

1. Open Chrome.
2. In the top-right corner, click the Chrome menu Chrome menu.
3. Click Settings.
4. Click Show advanced settings.
5. Under "Privacy," click Content settings.
6. Under "Pop-ups," select Manage Exceptions
7. Add the address of the website you are authorizing to show pop-ups. 

Allow pop-ups from a site in Firefox

1. Click the menu button and choose Options.
2. Select the Content panel.
3. Make sure the Block pop-up windows checkbox is checked.
4. To the right of Block pop-up windows, click the Exceptions... button. A dialog will appear that shows all the sites that allowed to show pop-ups.
5. Add the address of the website that are authorized to open pop-up windows. Click Allow and Save Changes
6. You can change this setting any time by following the steps above, select the site then click Remove Site. 

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