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How can I add members without them sending an application?

If you would like to add a user to your site without having them submit an application, there are a couple ways you can go about doing it:

1) Launch Code

This is set on the Admin Menu -> Recruiting -> Launch Code area of your site.

You can set a code of up to twenty (20) characters on this page.  Once you do, you can give it to people you'd like to circumvent your site's application.  They would still need to click the Apply to Guild link on your site's recruiting widget, but once the code is set there will be an option on your site to use the Launch Code instead of filling out the application in its entirety.

2)  Visitor Roster

The second method is to manually add them from the Admin Menu -> Rosters -> Visitors area of the site.

To do this, the user will need to create an account, and visit your site at least once.  When they do that, they will appear on the Visitor Roster.

(The black boxes are usernames, but they're of actual users so I blocked them out.)

From this menu (again, the Admin Menu -> Rosters -> Visitors area of your site), you can select one of three actions for each visitor.  To add them to the site without an application, just select Make Member from the Actions dropdown and click 'Go'.  That will make them a member of your site.

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