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How do I display the status of my Mumble server on my guild site?

So, you've ordered your Mumble server and you want to set your server status widget up on your guild site for it!  The actual script you need to find is lurking in your Control Panel, so here is how you find it:

  1. Log into the billing site at
  2. Click 'My Services' at the top of the site.  This will bring you to your Services page, where any Ventrilo or Mumble servers you have ordered will display.
  3. Press the 'Details' button next to your Mumble server.
  4. Scroll down to below your Mumble server's details, and there will be a link to 'Login to Ventrilo Control Panel'.  Click that (ignore the 'Ventrilo' part - I will report that to our developers).
  5. Click the 'Manage Server' button.
  6. Click 'API Access'.  This will give you the CVP script that you need to put in the Mumble server status widget for it to display properly.  It will look something like this:
  7. Go to your guild site.
  8. Click 'Widgets' at the top right of the screen.
  9. Click 'Add widget' above one of the columns on your guild site.
  10. Using the dropdown, select the Mumble CVP Server Status widget and add it to your guild site.
  11. Underneath the widget, click the 'Config' button.
  12. Paste the CVP script you found earlier into the field for it.
  13. Submit!  You're done!

The content is cached for five minutes so that our server doesn't constantly contact your server for information.

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