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Why isn't the Twitch widget showing my Twitch stream?

A user's Twitch stream should show in the Twitch widget on a site if the following conditions are met:
  1. The user has added their stream URL to their User Profile;
  2. The user is currently streaming on Twitch;
  3. The Twitch widget on the site is configured to show enough users (in the # To Show field when configuring the widget) to let the user display.
  4. The user has been streaming long enough for the API to get that data (usually a few minutes).
If you meet these conditions but are still not seeing your stream show up in the widget, this is most likely because of a setting in your profile which prevents the stream from being 'public'. This hides the stream from the API, which means that the Gamer Launch servers can't see it to display it.

Fortunately, there's an easy fix! This can be changed on the Settings tab of your profile.

From your Account Settings page, choose the Security & Privacy tab.

There will be one of two options available on that page which can interfere with third parties (like Gamer Launch) accessing the stream. There is a legacy option called Hide Channel Setting which prevents it, but may not be showing on your particular profile. If that isn't there, you should see Prevent YouTube Exporting which serves a similar function.


Disable that and you'll be set!

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