Why are there all these duplicate characters on my WoW site?

Some older sites on the Gamer Launch network may notice a duplication of character names when they run a roster import from the Blizzard Armory. We updated our system recently to properly reflect cross-realm servers - if characters were added on the guild's main server, not the server the character was actually on, then the new roster import may create a new character entirely.

Fortunately, the fix for this is straightforward once you know the trick. First, the user needs to...

  1. Go to their User Profile by clicking the person icon at the top right of the site, then clicking their username;
  2. Go to the Characters tab;
  3. Open the profile for each character that has a duplicate in a new tab;
  4. Compare the Character ID for each character in the URL for that character's profile. The lower number is the older character;
  5. Change the server of the old character to display as the server it is on (not the guild's server).
Once that's done, the Admin just needs to...
  1. Merge the two characters' DKP (if applicable) on the Admin Dashboard -> Features -> Rapid Raid -> Merge DKP area of the site;
  2. Remove the character from the guild roster.
This way the system will properly track all characters and DKP for the roster and Rapid Raid, without creating duplicated characters.

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