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How do I show my SMITE data on my Gamer Launch site?

We have recently tied into the SMITE API to pull in your user data (if you let us, of course)! To do so...

Go to the Character Roster of your site.

For most sites, this will be linked right on the primary navigation bar of your site. Click Team Roster -> Character Roster.

Click 'Add Character' on the roster.

In-game entities in Gamer Launch are referred to as characters in the system, so that it always knows how to parse out-of-game data ("user data") from in-game data ("character data").  Once you've gotten to the character roster of the site, click the Add Character button to add your SMITE username.

Add your SMITE handle as a 'character' on the roster.

To add your SMITE handle, you will need to put in the following information:
  1. Your SMITE username;
  2. Your account level (any number will do);
  3. Gender;
  4. Role.
Once you've added that, just click the Add button.

You're done!

That's all the system needs to pull in your information from the API! Now when people click your username on the Character Roster, they can see the following data:

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