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How do I add or remove slots from my voice server?

If you would like to upgrade or downgrade the number of slots your voice server has, you can do so through the billing menu at . To do so...
  1. Log into your billing account through (This login information may be different from your Gamer Launch account login);
  2. Click Services from the top navigation bar;
  3. Click My Services from the dropdown;
  4. Click View Details next to your voice server information;
  5. Click Management Actions;
  6. Select Upgrade/Downgrade Options from that dropdown;
  7. Choose the new number of slots for your voice server from the Slots dropdown;
  8. Click Click to Continue;
  9. Choose whether to pay with PayPal or BitPay;
  10. Click Click to Continue;
  11. Pay the generated invoice;
  12. You're done!
That will upgrade (or downgrade) the server you're using. :)

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