How do I remove a user from a permission group from my Teamspeak 3 server?

This can be done through the Permissions -> Server Groups area of your Teamspeak 3 client when you're logged into the server.

1. Log onto the server.

Open the Teamspeak 3 client and connect to your server.

2. Select 'Permissions' from the top bar.

From the top navigation bar of the Teamspeak 3 client, select Permissions.

3. Select 'Server Groups' from the dropdown.

From the Permissions menu you clicked in step 2, choose Server Groups.

4. Select the specific Server Group.

There will be a list of server permission groups for the server on the left column of this menu. Choose the permission group you'd like to remove the user from (for this article, we're choosing Server Admin).

5. Select the user.

On the right column of the menu will be a list of users who are in that server group. Select the user you would like to remove permissions from. In this example, we're removing Roth's permissions.

6. Click Remove.

At the bottom of the right column are the Add and Remove buttons. Click Remove.

7. Confirm the removal.

A warning message will pop up to confirm that you truly want to remove that user's permissions. If you do, confirm it by clicking Yes.

8. You're done!

After you confirm the removal, the user will no longer have permissions from that server group. They also cannot use the same privilege key they were given to regain permissions.

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