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World of Warcraft Roster Imports Information

What does this page do?

This page imports the characters name, race, class and level for all characters in the WoW Armory for your guild. It can also be used to keep the level of the characters up to date. It will also import gear and stats for all characters. More information is available in the Armory Import FAQ.

Note: To keep Blizzard from blocking us we have to pause for about 1 second between each character request. We have ways to speed this up slightly, but a large guild can take 5 minutes or more to import. We appreciate your patience as it's worth the wait.

Form Field Explanations

  1. Guild Name: This value will not be stored for future updates. If your guild name on the site is different from the guild name on the Armory you will need to change this value for the import to run. It will need to be reentered on the next update. (This can be changed on the Admin Menu -> Games -> Games Played area of your site.)
  2. Server Name: This shows you which server will be used to get data from the Armory.  (Like your guild name, this can be changed on the Admin Menu -> Games -> Games Played area of your site.)
  3. Synchronize Roster w/ Armory: If checked, this will permanently delete any unclaimed characters in your guild that are not found in the WoW Armory. Only check this checkbox if you wish to have these characters deleted, as they cannot be recovered.
  4. Synchronize Ranks w/ Armory: Checking this option will assign ranks to your characters from the Armory.
  5. Import Character Gear and Stats: Unselecting this option will make the import quicker and will update the characters in the guild and their levels, but will not import the character's gear and stats.
This option can take a long time. For guilds with 300+ characters it can take as much as seven or eight minutes to complete.

Having Update Problems?

Bear in mind that Blizzard can take a few days to update guild data. If your guild is a recently created guild or has recently added or removed characters it can take multiple days for the import to begin to work.

You can change the guild name in the textbox above if the name is different in the armory, such as different spacing or special characters. Only modify this textbox if your guild info will not update. This value must be URL Encoded! If it is not URL Encoded, the update will fail. To get this value find your guild name in an armory search then copy out everything between the 'n=' and the '&p'. It will look pretty much just like your guild name with some extra characters in it. Only do this if you are having problems with your guild roster updating, otherwise do nothing with this textbox.

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