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Style Detail Tutorial

This is an index of the Detailed Styles tutorial for our new customization options.  The first slide and last slides are introductory and haven't been included, but the actual content has been.

Return: "As you navigate deeper into styles, this button will always take you back a step."

Customization Menus: "Here is where you select what you want to customize."

Template: "The template is the basic structure of your site. It determines size and position of columns, header style and the content layout of the page."

Header: "The header is the image at the top of the site. Recommended sizes for this image are 1500x500 pixels, which is the same size used by Twitter."

Logo: "The logo is an image that sits inside the header. Often this will be used for the community name, emblem or logo. You can customize placement and size of the logo within the header."

Color Schemes: "There are more than 30 color schemes to choose from! The color scheme dictates the background, text and link colors."

Custom CSS (Premium Feature): "Tailor your site even more with custom CSS that will let you do just about anything."

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