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Style Tutorial

This is an index of the Styles tutorial for our new customization options.  The first slide and last slides are explanatory and haven't been included, but the actual content has been.

Customization Panel
: "Here is where the customization magic happens."

Menus: "Here you can choose to update the active style, or create a completely new one. Styles can be saved and stored until you area ready to activate them live on your site."

Saving Edits: "After an edit is made a button will appear here to allow you to save or revert those changes. After you have saved, this same area will provide a button to make those buttons live."

Active Style: "Here is where you update the style that is currently visible in your site."

Add Style: "Here is where you create a new style. The new style will then appear under the active style, ready to be edited."

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