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Widgets Tutorial

This is an index of the widgets tutorial for our new customization options.  The first slide and last slides are explanatory and haven't been included, but the actual content has been.

: "This is a widget. A widget is a self-contained piece of content that adds functionality or information to your site."

Adding Widgets: There are up to four areas widgets can be added to depending on your template. Clicking this button will show a dialogue where you can choose which widget to add."

Widget Columns: "After a widget is added it will appear at the bottom of the widget column for that button."

Dragging: "Widgets can be dragged to any available widget column, or reorganized in the same column, by clicking this top bar and dragging. Simply release it over the desired widget column, or at the target position in the column, and the widget will move there."

Widget Config: "Widgets can have up to three options. "Remove" removes the widget. "Config" will change widget settings. "Edit" allows you to edit the widget contents. Nearly every widget has config and remove. Only certain widgets, like the HTML widget, are also editable."

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