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Site Intro Tutorial

This is an index of the introductory tutorial to our new customization options.  The first slide and last slides are explanatory and haven't been included, but the actual content has been.

Profile: "General account info like PMs, your characters, in-game information, and more are in the profile area."

Activity Stream: "The most recent updates from your communities, like forum posts and image uploads, are listed here."

Site Admin:  " Here, you can access most admin functions and receive new application notifications. Don't worry, only site admins see this menu."

Site Editing: "Your site is currently in "Live Site mode," which means you see exactly what your visitors see.  Using this dropdown menu, you can easily edit content blocks (called "widgets"), as well as your site's visual look (called "styles")."

More Customization:  "Here, you can access many of your site's customization options. Options like your primary navigation links, custom sections and configuration toggles can be found here."

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