How do I create a tournament?

Before you create a tournament on your site, you will need to add the Tournaments page to it - if you haven't, this can be done on the Admin Menu -> Site Structure -> Primary Navigation area of your site.  It is a default section.  Full instructions can be found here

Once you've done that, go back to your site and click the 'Tournament' link on your navigation bar.  There will be a button on that page called Start a Tournament.  Click it.

Clicking it brings you to the following menu:

There are a few things that are required to create the tournament:
  1. Tournament game (chosen from the games added on the Admin Menu -> Games -> Games Played area of your site)
  2. Tournament Title
  3. Tournament Date
  4. Start Time
  5. Number of teams (must be 4, 8, 16, 32 or 64 teams)
You can also add an optional channel and a tournament description.

Once you've done that, click 'Add Tournament' and it will be created in the system! :)  Then you get to run the tournament itself, and pit your site's teams against one another!

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