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What is PR8?

PR8 (formerly Banter) is the companion mobile app for Gamer Launch, available on Android and iOS.  The full description can be found on our product page, but to sum up...

1. Allows group calls with your community mates... without revealing your phone number!

Any member of your Gamer Launch site can download PR8 and, after logging into their account, access your site's private voice chat.  It uses your voice minutes instead of your data plan, so you don't have to worry about going over your data limit!

Since it's linked to your Gamer Launch account, you will be able to automatically access the voice chat of any site you're a member of in the system.  You don't have to give out an IP address, server hostname or anything along those lines: just download the app and you'll be able to join.

2.  Get notifications straight to your phone!

When you get a new private message, forum notification or calendar event notice through the Gamer Launch system, you'll automatically get a notification to your phone through the PR8 app.

But where do I get it?

If you're on an Android 4.0 device, you can download it here.

If you're on an iPhone, you can download it from the iTunes store here.

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