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How do I leave a specific site?

This can be done on the Sites tab of your User Profile.

1.  Log into your Guild Launch account.

You can log into our community site at (if you'd prefer not to log into the guild site you're about to leave).

2.  Go to your User Profile.

Click the little person icon at the top right of the site you just logged into.  It will open up the Profile menu and look like this:

Click your username (in the example pic above, it's "GL_Support").

3.  Click the 'Sites' tab.

On your User Profile, there will be links on the left column for your Profile, Sites, Games, In-Game, Blog and Awards.

Click Sites.

4.  Click the 'Quit Community' button on the options for that site.

It will look like this:

Click the Quit Community link.  You'll be prompted to confirm that you'd like to leave - confirm that as well.

5.  You're done!

Once you confirm you'd like to leave, the system will remove your membership from that site. :)

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