How do I access my voice control panel?

If you have a voice server hosted through us, you can access the control panel for that server through our billing menu. 

1.  Log into your billing account

You will need to log into your billing account at - please note that your billing login credentials are different from your Guild Launch login.

2.  Click 'Services' on the top navigation bar.

From that menu, select 'My Services' and you will be brought to your servers.

3. Click the 'View Details' button next to your voice server information.

This area shows every server you have hosted through us (whether active or inactive).  Click the 'View Details' button next to the server you would like to access.

4.  Click the 'Login to Ventrilo Control Panel' button.

Regardless of the type of server you have, the button says 'Ventrilo' - this is a quirk in the system, but it leads to your control panel.

5.  You're done!

From there, you will be in your control panel and can take care of whatever you'd like. :)

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