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Rapid Raid FAQ (What do these pages do?)

Q. What does the View Raids screen do?
A. The raids page lists all raids, the sum of the events points the date the raid occured and signups for the raid.

Q. What does the View Members page do?
A. The view members page shows all members who have attended at least one event. It shows their basic class info, level, DKP earned, DKP spent, and their current DKP. The page also shows the date of their last raid, their attendance in the last 30 days and their attendance in the last 60 days.

Q. What does the View Items page do?
A. The View items page show all items that have been recorded by Rapid Raid. It shows the name, the date it dropped, the buyer, the amount paid for it, the raid it dropped in and the event it is associated with. If the item drops multiple times for instance in multiple raids it will show multiple times on this page.

Q. What doed the Add New Raid page do?
A. This page allows you to create a raid for any date past or present. It takes a raid name, a date and a time as well as an optional signup instruction.

Q. What does the Import a Raid page do?
A. If your guild is a WoW guild you can use our in-game mod to import raid data from a modified version of CT Raid Tracker. This will get it’s own FAQ later.

Q. What does the Manage Event Types page do?
A. The event types page lets you add default event settings. It takes an Event Name, and Type, and a default Vaule. The default value can be overridden when you add an event to a raid.

This page also allows you to enter a Default 1 and Default 2 value. Some guilds use Default 1 for normal mode and Default 2 for heroic. When adding an event or importing a raid you can choose which default set to use.

The first time an event is imported (if you are using the Raid Tracker in WoW) the vent is entered with a default of 0. You can go to the manage event types page and edit the default and the next time that same event is imported the new default will be used. Note: Updating a default value will not retroactively update events so you may need to manually update the first imported event.

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