What do DKP and EPGP mean?

These are systems of determining loot from raiding. Each guild does it differently, so we try to support as many different types as we can.

Guild Launch supports any form of basic dkp: Earned – Spent = Current
We also support EPGP: Effort / Gear = Priority

With those two systems in place nearly any form of DKP can be supported and in any game.

Earned – Spent = Current

Where the current value is the amount you have to spend. The earned value is the amount you have earned from any actions, and the spent is the amount you have spent on items. This style of calculation supports almost all of the standard DKP styles which are outlined here.

Basic DKP of this type is pretty much the mainstay of DKP systems. The equation above is at the heart of almost all the systems. THen people layer things like rolling, bidding and item value rules on top of the system.



EGPG is calculated as:

Effort Points / Gear Points = Priority

A more complete explanation is available here:


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