How do I cancel my voice server?

This is one of those questions we hope we never have to answer, but we do have an answer for it.

If your voice server is hosted through Guild Launch, then you will need to follow these steps:

This will get you to the page with any and all servers you're hosting with us.  From here...

  • Click the arrow next to View Details to the right of the server.
  • Click Request Cancellation.
  • Let us know why you'd like the server cancelled (this is just for our information, any reason is valid!)
  • Click the Request Cancellation button.

That'll do it!  Also, if you had a PayPal subscription set up for the server, please log into your PayPal account and make sure to cancel that as well to make sure that PayPal doesn't send us another payment for a server you've cancelled.

If your voice server is not hosted at Guild Launch, then you will need to contact your server provider and find out how they handle cancellations.

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