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How does the Feature Request system work?

Feature Requests are our way of gauging what the community wants to see developed, tweaked and improved in the system.  We have an in-house process for the requests our users provide through Uservoice:

Stage One: The Idea

This is where it all starts - a user types up their idea and submits it to the Feature Request area for one of our products.  One of our support personnel will come through and add the appropriate tags and move it to the proper area.

Stage Two: Gauging Interest

From the time it's created, an idea has a one-month lifespan.  It needs to get twenty (20) votes in Uservoice to go to the next step, so this is the perfect time to drive your friends and other members of your site to the idea you submitted to get them to vote!

After that month, if it has not received twenty (20) votes in this system, it will be declined due to lack of interest. :(  You'll see something along the lines of this message: "This request has not reached the vote threshold of 20 votes in order to come under review.  We will gladly revisit this idea if it is resubmitted and reaches that threshold, though!

If it has gotten the required votes, however, it will be flagged as 'Under Review' and moved to Stage Three.

Stage Three: The Review Process

At this point, the idea has been moved up to the eyes of our product manager (and other relevant folks internally) to look over and consider.  Within three months from its creation date - so at least two months after it has been flagged as 'Under Review', it will have its status changed to denote what has been decided.

We know that you have great ideas, and as much as we'd like to implement everything that comes in, our bandwidth is limited.  Not all ideas will be acted on, but if we Decline the idea at this time we will give you a reason for why we are not moving forward with it.  Here are some possible responses:
  1. We would love to pull the data from your guild's in-game guild roster to your guild site automatically.  Unfortunately, the game you're playing doesn't have a publicly accessible API for us to pull that data, so we are unable to move forward with this request.  If that changes, we are glad to revisit the idea!
  2. At this time, we are not planning to integrate another third-party login system with Guild Launch.  The system recommended is fantastic and we enjoy it for other projects, but we do not want to potentially add confusion to the login/account creation process.
  3. As much as we love candy, we are not planning to implement a 100% discount on GL_Chocolate.  Finance won't let us.
If, however, we can and are planning to implement the idea, it will move to Step Four.

Stage Four: Planning For Success

This is going to be the most time-consuming part of the process: waiting.  At this point, I will create a ticket for this in our development management tool and update the Uservoice idea with the ticket number of that ticket.

The idea has six months from that time to be moved to 'Started', which means it has been pulled into a development cycle and one of our programmers is actively working on making it a reality.  If it doesn't make it into our development cycles in six months, I will move it to 'Shelved' - shelved ideas are things we still want to do, but have not reached the priority level of other ideas, internally and externally, to develop.

At any rate, you will receive notifications for ideas you're interested in, and be kept in the loop throughout the process.  We can't do everything, but we will gladly look into it at the very least!

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