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What features can you develop for my game?

When we look at a game there are a few types of game specific features we can develop:

  • 1. News Feeds

    • For this the only thing we need is a link to the RSS feed or a page that lists them. We don’t develop specific widgets for this for every game because we have a generic RSS feed that you can drop any RSS Feed url into and the data will display. However, if we have the info at hand and we are adding other widgets we often add these for the more popular games (and work our way down in # of users) as we go along.
  • 2. Something a user specifically asks to be “widgetized”

    • For this we just need a link to an existing codebase on a site or an existing widget. This type of feature is the most open, some people ask for links to external sites, search box additions, or they see some JavaScript they’d like to see incorporated. If someone else’s code is involved then the license has to be something we can work with.
  • 3. Server Status

    • For this we need a web page that lists server status. If the page is in XML then it is even better. If your game doesn’t provide a server status page then there isn’t much we can do to get this info through other means.
  • 4. Roster Imports and Character Profiles

    • For these the most expedient and accurate route is to have a game that supports mods and a game that supports an API that gives us the data we need. Currently, only WoW and Warhammer meet this requirement which is why you see mods developed for them. This isn’t our choice, it’s up to the game developers to add mod functionality to their game.
    • If mods aren’t available, then a web page that lists guild roster or character profile info, preferably in XML, is needed. We have to evaluate these case by case, but sometimes (like we did for EQ1 and EQ2) the data is workable.
    • Either way, this sort of functionality is very development intensive so we have to weigh a lot of factors in determining if we develop it for a given game.
  • 5. ItemStats

    • For this we need a link to a site that contains item data for your game. Depending on how the site is structured we can look into adding ItemStats. The site needs to meet certain requirements, but if you can provide a link then we can figure out if the site will handle it. This is another feature that can be fairly development intensive so we have to weigh a lot of factors in determining if we develop it for a given game.
  • 6. Raid Progression

    • For this, just send me a link to an official (or semi-official) site detailing the name of the raid and the bosses involved, and it will be passed on to our crew to get added to the system.

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