How do I become an admin for my Ventrilo server?

To become an admin on your Ventrilo server…

  • 1. Log into your Ventrilo Server with the standard user password.
  • 2. Right-Click your name, highlight “Server Admin” and select “Login”.
  • 3. Enter the server’s Admin password.

When doing this, remember that there is an admin password for the Guild Launch billing site, and a second admin password for the Ventrilo server itself.

You should get an email with info on how to login to the Ventrilo Control Panel where you can set the server info like the password. If you do not receive that info then you can get your login name by logging into the billing site and then looking at your services. The password for the Ventrilo Control Panel is the one you provided during registration and will be on your services list.

While we’re on the subject, to change your server’s admin password…

  • 1. Log into the Ventrilo Control Panel at
  • 2. If you have more than 1 server, select the server you wish to edit in the drop-down box.
  • 3. Click “Configuration” under the “SERVEREDIT” menu heading.
  • 4. For “Admin Password”, set it to what you want it to be.
  • 5. Save the changes. Your server will be automatically restarted for the settings to take effect.

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