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How do I sync my AQWorlds account with my Gamer Launch account?

To sync your Gamer Launch account with your AQWorlds account...

1.  Log into AQWorlds

2.  Click 'Options' on the bottom right toolbar.

3.  Select 'Guild Manager' on the Options tab.

4. Choose 'Go to Guild Hub' from the guild menu.

5.  Create your Gamer Launch account.

Alternatively, click the 'I Have An Account' link on that page and log into your account if you already have a Gamer Launch account.

6.  Sync your AQWorlds account with your Gamer Launch account.

7.  You're done!

This will sync your Gamer Launch and AQWorlds accounts, and if you're the in-game guild leader will transfer ownership of the site to your account as well.

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