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Why am I being flagged as spam?

A small number of users may be seeing the following message when trying to post on a site's forums:

A spam filter was recently implemented to reduce the amount of clutter on guild forums, and a few real users may be caught in it.  There are a few things to check if someone you know is experiencing this issue...
  1. Excessive links.  Spammers love links.  A large post that's primarily linking out to other sources can be flagged by the system, so that's the first place to look.
  2. Username.  Usernames that look 'spammy', for lack of a better term, may get caught in the spam filter.  Akismet may flag things like 'spam123' as a spam account, even if the content is legitimate.
  3. Email/IP Address.  If the user has been flagged as a spammer prior to using GL, their email address may be in the Akismet database already.  This is something the user would need to check individually, since we don't provide user email addresses to admins (or anyone else!).

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