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I forgot to cancel my subscription and got rebilled! What do I do?

*This article only apply to sites created before February 1st, 2016. 

In terms of forgetting the subscription our policies and PayPal’s policies are extremely clear about the rebilling nature of the subscription. Refunds in these cases are entirely up to our discretion. Officially, we have a seven (7) day refund policy.

We do ask that you cancel the subscription before receiving a refund for a payment because you aren’t using the site any more, so if you cancel the subscription before contacting us we can resolve the matter more quickly. If the site shows low activity in our stats and the site is indeed unused then we will almost certainly refund the rebill within our policy guidelines. Shoot us an email to with your situation and we’ll work it out. 

The most important things is to contact us before you contact PayPal or your credit card company. When someone files a claim in PayPal, we have no way to issue a refund (the payment is held), so whatever PayPal decides is final and it is taken out of our hands. We will work with you to get something equitable arranged.

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