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My credit card changed with PayPal - what do I do?

Please try these steps to change the credit card or funding source for your PayPal subscription. Please let us know by email if you have any difficulties with it!

You can change the funding source of your Subscription by following the
steps below:

First log in to your PayPal account:


Part A. Adding or updating a credit card to your PayPal Account

To add a new credit card:

  1. On the PayPal site, once you are logged in, click on the ‘Profile’ subtab
  2. Choose the ‘Credit Cards’ link from the Financial Information column
  3. If your subscription failed because you need to update your credit card expiration date, you may be able to update it by clicking the ‘Edit’ button next to it.
  4. Otherwise, add a new credit card, by clicking on the ‘Add’ button
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions to add the new credit card to your PayPal account

Part B. Updating your PayPal subscription to Guild Launch if you added a new credit card

  1. On the PayPal, click on the ‘History’ subtab
  2. Choose ‘Subscriptions’ from the drop-down menu
  3. If you are looking for an annual subscription, change the “From” year to one year earlier.
  4. Click the Search button
  5.  Find your Guild Launch the subscription and click on its “Details” link. If you are having trouble finding it, you can do an Advanced Search for email address: by clicking on the Advanced Search on the left side of the History page — just make sure to check the dates you are searching on.
  6. Under ‘Subscription Funding Source’ choose your new credit card from one of the drop-downs.

Note: If you remove your current credit card before adding the new one and changing the funding source on your subscription, then PayPal will cancel your Guild Launch subscription.

This does not necessarily create any immediate problems for you. What will happen is that you will continue to have upgraded service until the end of your billing cycle. For example, if you are normally billed on the 15th of the month and you change your credit card on the 22nd, you will see no impact until the 15th of the next month. 

At that time you will receive a message from PayPal saying that the payment failed. This will cause the subscription to be cancelled. It will not cause loss of any information that you have on your site, but will remove the added functionality associated with your advanced membership. 

All you need to do is sign in to Guild Launch at that time and select the Upgrade Option on your site or go to Admin and click Order Hosting on the left, under the Billing tab. You can also do this before the subscription ends. Upgrade your membership, creating a new subscription, and this will allow payments to be made from Paypal against the new credit card.

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