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AQWorlds and Guild Launch Integration FAQ

This is a consolidated article of commonly asked questions regarding your AQWorlds guild and its integration with your Guild Launch guild site.   We're thrilled to have the opportunity to partner with AQWorlds to provide you with the best possible game experience!

The full instructions for how to do a particular task may be included in another article - these are brief synopses to point you in the right direction!

1)  How do I create a guild in AQWorlds?

The full explanation for how to create a guild can be found on AQ's Guild Lore page, but the basic instructions are as follows:
  1. Be a Legend.  Only Legend members can create guilds.
  2. Type '/gc (name of guild)', where (name of guild) is the name of the guild you'd like to create.
  3. Confirm your guild name.

2)  How do I access my Gamer Launch site from AQWorlds?

Once the guild is created in-game, you can automatically spin up your guild site by talking to Elise in BattleonTown (north of Battleon, by the Guardian Tower).  Click 'Your Guild Hub' when speaking to her and you will be brought to your AQWorlds guild site!

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