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How do I request a feature?

If there is a feature you would like to see from a Launch Media site (GameSkinny, Gamer Launch, etc.), you can post it here on Uservoice!  We have a Feature Request area you can submit the idea to (link at the bottom of this post).

When submitting a new feature request, remember that the more information we have about what you'd like, the better. :)  Be specific with what you want and we will be able to better understand and implement it.  You know what the game is and what you want to help support it better than we do (while we have active accounts in many games, we don't play everything), so explaining that in the request is crucial.

There are few other articles you may want to look over:

That pretty much lays everything out. The number one thing we need is people to understand that we can’t develop every feature for every game. The game’s capabilities and tools available limit some things and those are out of our direct control. But, if you can express a feature that is specific to your game then we can either tell you how to achieve it with the current functionality or research how we might go about developing something.

We have a number of different areas where users can submit their feedback:

  • Game Requests (for adding games to the Gamer Launch database)
  • Raid Requests (for adding raids to the Raid Progression widget for Gamer Launch)
  • Guild Launch (for anything else related to Gamer Launch)
  • GameSkinny (for any improvements you'd like to see on GameSkinny)
  • Unfavinator (for anything involving our Unfavinator tools)

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