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How do I delete my site?

The short answer is, you can’t.

There have been a number of issues in the past where vindictive site administrators have deleted sites before this policy was implemented, or accidentally deleted the site and asked support to restore it for them. In order to make things simple and equitable for all our users, Gamer Launch does not delete active sites.

That being said, if a site does not have an active payment, it can be eligible to be automatically removed for inactivity.

If there are no active payments/credits (either through Crowd Pay, a promo code or a PayPal subscription), a site that has not had any members log in for ninety (90) days will be flagged as 'inactive' by the system.  At this point it has its subdomain changed to free it up for a user who might want to use it.

Another ninety (90) days after that, for a total of a hundred and eighty (180) days, if no one has checked in on the site and no one has changed the sub-domain, it will be flagged as 'abandoned' and potentially be removed from the system.  A total of one-hundred and eighty (180) days may seem like a long time, but we want to make sure that the site is intended for deletion and give our customers ample time before we delete a site.

And, of course, you may leave a site at any time, if you so choose.

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