How do I delete my account?

We hope that this is something we never have to do, but there are ways to deactivate your account. A user cannot personally delete his or her account, to ensure that there are no accidental deletions or malicious interruptions.  To begin the process:

  • Go to your User Profile by clicking the icon at the top right of the site, then clicking your username.
  • Go to the Sites tab.
  • Click the Quit Community button under each site on your user profile.

This does NOT remove you from the guild in-game, just from the site on our system.  Once you've done this, and are no longer a member of any sites on Gamer Launch, email us at from the email address the account is linked to; Gamer Launch personnel will handle the rest, deactivate the account and remove your email address from our system.

Any request to delete an account has to be from the email address the account is linked to, for security reasons.  A request to delete an account registered to one email address by another email address will be politely reminded that we need to be contacted from the original email address.

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