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How do I change my site's template?

This is for modification for sites created before November 2014. For changing styles in the new version, click here.

You can change your template on the Admin Menu.

Getting to the Template Finder

The Template Finder is under the 'Site Style' tab of the Admin menu.  Click 'Site Style', 'Base Template' and 'Template'.  The menu will look like this:

From here, you can search through our currently available template.  Our graphic designer frequently releases new templates, so if you want to see a template for a specific game, send us an email at and I will make sure it gets to him!

Deciding on a Template

From this menu, you can find the template that is right for you.  You can page through them all on the default layout, or you can filter out templates you don't want using the Template Filter at the top of the page:

By Series: This is the layout of the template.  Arclight templates have rounded edges and transparent borders, R14 templates are more square without pronounced borders, Lightwave has a default transparency for all content blocks, etc.
By Game: This is the background/content of the template.  We have over thirty games in the system with one or more custom templates, and we're always adding more!</li>
By Color: This is the theme of the template.  You can choose a dark, grittier feel or a light, happy one (or anything in between).

You can use any or all of these criteria to search for a template.  So if you wanted a red Star Wars: The Old Republic template, it would look like this:

Or, if you prefer, each of the tags underneath the template is clickable and will search for that term automatically!

Selecting a Template

Once you've found the template you want, just click that image in the Template Finder and you will see it previewed on your site.

If you like the way it looks, click the 'Set' button at the top right and your site will change to fit the new template!

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