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How to Request and Set Up SSL Certified Custom Domain

Basic Steps

Step 1:
Contact support to request a certificate via

Step 2:
Set up a CNAME for the www version of your custom domain to forward to
GoDaddy Instructions
namecheap Instructions

Step 3 (Optional GoDaddy only):
Configure Forwarding. Forward to your custom domain. Set Forward type of Permanent (301). Under Settings select Forward Only. And finally make sure Update my nameservers and DNS settings to support this change is checked off. This setting will forward non-www too www.
GoDaddy Instructions (Click "I Don't See Use My Domain" to see the correct instructions)

Step 4:
Contact support letting us know you've made these changes.

Step 5:
We will activate the certificate from our end.

Step 2 Screenshot Example (GoDaddy Only):
Click ADD and fill out the form like this:

This is what the result should look like:

Step 3 Screenshot Example (GoDaddy Only):


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