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How do I Move a Forum Post to Another Forum Section in V5

In this article, I will explain how to move a forum post.

I want to move the topic New member notice! out of the News forum. The destination forum will be Member Discussion subforum Moving a post. 

  • Go to the forum section you would like to move the post from. There will be two buttons at the top of the forum New Topic and an upside down triangle (Carrot).

  • Click the Carrot to open the drop-down menu and select Moderate Forum. 

  • Now you are in the Moderator Control Panel. Choose the topic you would like to move by clicking on the checkbox in the right column. 

  • Bellow the list of forum topics are four buttons Delete, Move, Lock and Unlock. Select Move.

  • On this page, you can select which forum you would like to move the topic. You can not move a topic from one forum section to another forum sections subforum (For example I'm moving New member notice! from the News forum to the subforum of Members discussion. First I need to move the topic to the Member discussion forum.)  

  • Once the topic is moved to the Member discussion forum, you can follow the same basic steps from above to move the topic into the subforum of your choosing.
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