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How do I add, edit or remove links in the navigation bar?

Editing the primary navigation bar at the top of the site is done through the Admin menu, under the 'Site Structure' tab.  Click 'Primary Navigation' and you will be on the menu to make the changes!

The default links, like the 'Home' link and the 'Forums' link, will be editable on this page; click the 'Edit' icon - the pencil - and you can change the name of the link and the URL that it links to.  Or, if you don't intend to use it, just click the 'X' and remove it entirely!  (Don't worry, though - you can always add default links back using the 'Add Links' field to the right).

Speaking of which: if you want to add a link that isn't included, you can do so with the 'Add Links' box!  Just choose a type from the following list:

  • Default Section (like the Forums, Chat, Tournaments or the Site Roster)
  • Custom Section (a section you've created on the 'Custom Sections' link under the 'Site Structure' tab)
  • Specific URL (if you're linking off-site)
  • Custom Page (this is still available, but it's deprecated functionality that is no longer officially supported).

The system will guide you through the process on what you need to do from there, then just click 'Add Link' and you're done!

If you want to rearrange the navigation bar, you can do so easily by clicking and dragging the image of three horizontal bars - just move the link where you want it and let go, and the site will be updated automatically!

Mike's Pro Tip - If you want to use a unique font for your Primary Navigation, images are the way to do it. Simply create an image and type the name of the link with the font you want. This will make sure every user will view the font you want even if they do not have it on their computer.

This article will explain how to create a custom section for your site. 

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