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Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition (Table top)

Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition currently has only conventions for organized play available. For players who are playing at home or are planning on attending conventions Gamerlaunch could provide the much needed preparation for such a thing! All it would require is its own game listed with character creation fields appropriate to the game... as follows(Current as of 1/4/16)

Publisher Website:

1. Dwarf
1-a : Hill Dwarf
1-b: Mountain Dwarf
1-c: Duergar Dwarf
2-a: High Elf
2-b: Wood Elf
2-c: Dark Elf
3. Halfling
3-a: Lightfoot Halfling
3-b: Stout Halfling
4. Human
4-a: Base Human
4-b: Variant Human
5. Dragonborn
6. Gnome
6-a: Forest Gnome
6-b: Rock Gnome
6-c: Deep Gnome
7. Half-Elf
8. Half-Orc
9. Tiefling
10. Aarakocra
11. Genasi
11-a: Air Genasi
11-b: Fire Genasi
11-c: Earth Genasi
11-d: Water Genasi

In 5th edition multi classing is possible and entirely likely. Each class has at least 2 archetypes. The only limitation on how many times multi classing can take place is based off stats alone and base classes that exist... currently there are 12... meaning... theoretically one character COULD have all 12 classes. Archetypes are typically achieved at various levels from lvl 1-3 meaning... just because a character has a level in a base class does not mean they have an associated archetype with that class.The classes w/appropriate archetypes are as follows:

1. Barbarian
1-a: Berserker
1-b: Totem Warrior
1-c: Battlerager (Dwarf Only)
2. Bard
2-a: College of Lore
2-b: College of Vallor
3. Cleric
3-a: Knowledge Domain
3-b: Life Domain
3-c: Light Domain
3-d: Nature Domain
3-e: Tempest Domain
3-f: Trickery Domain
3-g: War Domain
3-h: Arcana Domain
4. Druid
4-a: Circle of the Moon
4-b: Circle of the Land
5. Fighter
5-a: Champion
5-b: Battle Master
5-c: Purple Dragon Knight
5-d: Eldritch Knight
6-a: Way of the Open Hand
6-b: Way of Shadow
6-c: Way of the Four Elements
6-d: Way of the Long Death
6-e: Way of the Sun Soul
7. Paladin
7-a: Oath of Devotion
7-b: Oath of the Ancients
7-c: Oath of Vengence
7-c: Oath of the Crown
8. Ranger
8-a: Hunter
8-b: Beast Master
9. Rouge
9-a: Thief
9-b: Assassin
9-c: Mastermind
9-d: Swashbuckler
10. Sorcerer
10-a: Draconic Bloodline
10-b: Wild Magic
10-c: Storm Sorcery
11. Warlock
11-a: The Archfey
11-b: The Fiend
11-c: The Great Old One
11-d: The Undying
12. Wizard
12-a: Abjuration
12-b: Conjuration
12-c: Divination
12-d: Enchantment
12-e: Evocation
12-f: Illusion
12-g: Necromancy
12-h: Transmutation
12-i: Bladesinging (Elf Only)

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      • Cody Osborne commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        Edit: Wizard Archetypes should display as:
        12-a Abjurer
        12-b Conjurer
        12-c Diviner
        12-d Enchanter
        12-e Evoker
        12-f Illusionist
        12-g Necromancer
        12- h Transmuter
        12-i Bladesinger (Elf Only)

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