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GL Game Requests

If you would like to make a Gamer Launch guild site for a game that is not in our list, post it here! If you are requesting a specific feature for a game already in the system, you want the Feature Requests forum instead.

Things to Remember

When posting a new game request, there is a bit of information that we need from you in order to get it added quickly:

  • 1. Developer URL
    • Post a link to the game developer’s website.
  • 2. Character Creation Combinations
    • We need to know which races, classes (or professions, powers, etc.) are available for players to choose.
  • 3. Server List
    • If it’s an MMO, we need a list of the servers so that we can add them to the system.

A lot of this information is going to be on the developer’s site, but if you can, include it in the original ticket on the Game Requests forum. Once we have the necessary information, our team will input it into the system and you will be able to create a guild site for it!

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GL Game Requests


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